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Culinary importance at Parkhotel

from 12:00 – 13:45 & 18:30 – 21:30
in the AFTERNOON from 14:00 – 17:00 small dishes

Our award-winning restaurant and the cosy Tyrolean rooms and the large lake terrace create the unique backdrop for delicious culinary experiences. In addition to many meat specialties, local and international origin, we serve you the best fish dishes from our own ponds. Sweet temptations from the patisserie and other culinary highlights are waiting for you.


Culinary & Wine at

Christian Hofer



Bar, Restaurant,
Breakfast &
our water

am Tisch

The kitchen surprises every day and proves a sense of innovation and quality in dealing with local products. Lovingly prepared and tastefully balanced menus delight the palate. After a restful night, breakfast lures on the light-flooded lakeside terrace. The smell of coffee from the local bakery still warmly delivered baked goods whet the appetite for the day.

The bar, the lobby and the bar invite to winter and summer evenings for nice conversation and socializing.

The Parkhotel Tristachersee has two well-developed sources of drinking water, which transport healing spring water directly from low-lying rock regions.

And the well-stocked wine cellar of our sommelier Peter Knöbelreiter and furthermore you can find a selection of the finest spirits with a special focus on local origin.

As a special specialty, the desserts flambéed at the table are personally the boss of the house, Josef Kreuzer is a master in flambé of apricots, crêpes suzettes, sour cherries or pineapple, served with home-made vanilla ice cream – a complete treat.

BREAKFAST in the morning we welcome you with our breakfast buffet. Strengthen yourself for the day or let yourself drift through the morning and enjoy a hearty breakfast.

As always, we attach particular importance to regionality and are therefore partners in the "Osttirol breakfast" - this is the key to get to know and appreciate the country and its people directly in the hotel.

Twelve food producers from the region offer local delicacies and you can also find these products at our breakfast buffet, including goat, sheep and cow’s milk products, meat products, bread, fruit, eggs, honey and jams, a cereal corner with all grain varieties, cereals , Dried fruit, nuts of all kinds, fruit yoghurt, natural yoghurt, sheep yoghurt, etc.

Furthermore, you will find daily freshly prepared curd cheese,
first class organic eggs: soft-boiled, scrambled eggs and fried eggs, on request with crispy fried bacon or ham;

BIG FRUIT BUFFET, rich selection of seasonal fruit, such as grapes, peaches, apricots, pears; exotic fruits like mango, papaya, kiwi; of course also citrus such as oranges, grapefruit limes; We also offer freshly prepared fruit salad daily.

Finely chopped East Tyrolean farmhouse bacon, ham, salami, fresh sausages and selected local soft and sliced ​​cheeses

Our bakers deliver daily and fresh breads and pastries. On request also gluten free etc.

We offer many varieties of domestic and international products. Also a large selection of diabetic jams.
The breakfast coffee is served, of course we also meet special coffee requests. Cappuccino, espresso, café latte, latte macchiato, etc., with soy or lactose free milk

A well-equipped TEEBAR (Althaus tea) with many first-class teas is your choice and meets the tea cravings of today.
Fresh juices such as oranges, grapefruit, currant, etc., or best syrups, to mix with our spring water of Maximilianquelle.
We squeeze daily fresh vegetable juices of carrots, celery, parsley, mixed with oranges, grapefruit, etc.

You would like to have a la carte breakfast? This is possible, but we ask for reservation and your understanding that we can not offer á la carte breakfast on very busy days.

The Parkhotel has two well-developed sources of drinking water, which come directly from low lying rock regions of the overlying Rauchkofels.

The Parkhotel has two drinking water sources that spring directly from the low-lying rocky areas of the mountain Rauchkofel.
The valuable sources were captured and directed into specially constructed basins and from there the water gets to the Parkhotel with electrically powered pumps. In addition to the hotel and all its wells, the water is also directed to our fish ponds. Even more water flows directly into the lake Tristachersee.
Special features of our spring water:
1. Reaches our supply with 9° C from the rock all year
2. Contains a lot of magnesium, little calcium and no sodium (salt)
3. Flows into many wells of the house, its surroundings and in all the guest rooms
4. Of course, this water is served without request and free of charge to all our guest tables.
5. We consider this as a gift of nature, which we and our guests are fully aware of.

The wholesomeness of our great selection of wines is optimised through the enjoyment of our good water.Kreuzer Josef

The official annual water quality analysis is available at the hotel.

The winter highlights in our Parkhotel .... from the romantic and familiarly Christmas to a spectacular New Year's Eve party to the culinary highlight - the Ash Wednesday fish buffet ... you have to experience that!


Enjoy a time of peace and reflection. Spend the most beautiful days of the year on the dreamy Tristachersee, in our festive decorated house. We accompany you with our atmospheric Christmas program through this wonderful time!

  • Christmas reception with Family Kreuzer
  • festive Christmas dinner
  • on request visit of midnight mass
  • afterwards mulled wine and christmas cookies

On ChristmasDecember 25, we meet each year after dinner at the Nativity Scene by the lake to listen to the Christmas tunes of the “Tristacher Turmbläser”. That’s when the old song “Silent Night, Holy Night” sounds over the frozen lake.



19:00 Uhr: Festive champagne reception in our hotel hall
musically accompanied by the East Tyrolean Brass Quintet Per Sonare

20:00 Uhr: Big New Year’s Eve dinner

00:00 Uhr:
Big fireworks at the Tristachersee
midnight buffet
Dance in the New Year



The Epiphany, in the Alpine country a high holiday with a lot of tradition:
So, many, many groups of star singers are wandering around the country to ease the hunger in the world and to help with their song.
At the Parkhotel we head off to the frozen lake after dinner with torches, to our nativity scene opposite the hotel, where the Holy three kings (extract of the church choir of Tristach) welcomes us in biblical costumes with their beautiful Christmas carols. Then there is mulled wine and children’s tea for our guests.



… for years a fixture and highlight alike – from lobster to sushi to oysters, home-smoked fish from their own ponds but also specialties such as monkfish, eel and turbot you will enjoy the ash-Wednesday buffet as a fish lover …

Scroll through our highlight impressions here …

This summer is full of culinary and musical highlights this year. Enjoy the atmosphere of balmy summer evenings by the lake - this year for the first time with FLO's JAZZ CASINO & JACK MARSINA

Flo's Jazz Casino pays homage to American jazz from the early 20th century through the swing era. Grandiose interpreters like Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr., Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima or Dean Martin made great compositions timeless.

The dates in summer 2023
May 27, 2023
June 17, 2023
September 16, 2023

Flo Baumgartner’s band takes you on a journey through time to the clubs and casinos of the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Back in a time when an euphoric young generation defied prohibition in the speakeasies and jazz clubs and the electrifying swing beat brought the atmosphere pregnant with smoke and passion to the boil.


“The Flamingos”, the music legend
Our popular and successful band “The Flamingos” performed in TOP FORM until New Year’s Eve 2022/23 – at the end we were able to experience the eternally valuable evenings with Sigi Bolkart, Gerhard Pucher and Julian on the great drums and musically.
As you know, this band accompanied the Parkhotel from the beginning of 1987 until 2023. Before that, the Flamingos had been a popular, well-known professional show band since the 1950s.

You were a guarantee for the positive development of our company in the entertainment sector. We remember many beautiful, musically first-class Saturday evenings that we were able to experience together with our guests and thus continue to experience.

As a special star appearance, you were able to experience Mr. Kreuzer personally at the microphone, how he performed My Way and L’important c’est la rose and much much more.

First of all we would like to introduce ourselves with a deep bow to our Parkhotel Stars “THE FLAMINGOS”

With pleasure
we will reserve a table for you./h2>

The little paradisewith lake


Welcome at Parkhotel am Tristachersee

With pleasure we are at your disposal via phone, personally or via Email in case you have any questions (also during closing times). Please also check our Facebook and Instagram in order to be up to date.

Our brochure (german only)
+43 4852 67 666

We look forward to see you!

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