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our park

With our park you can expect a lovingly designed and well maintained outdoor area, with shady trees, an attractive “Pavillon”, lots of green space with comfortable sun loungers and our own ponds where you can find a lot of local white fish.

also a highlight in winter - the snowy park

In the summer lush green grass and lots of ponds, which are connected by small boardwalks – they shape the appearance of this garden.

Between the paths, trees that bloom wonderfully in the spring, provide shade in the summer, shine in all colors in the fall and on which the most beautiful ice crystals can be admired in winter.

Everywhere water flows from taps, the precious wet and you can serve yourself as much as you want. The sun makes the water sparkle and its own spring socket ensures that the pure spring water is available throughout the house.
Continue hiking – until the natural monument of the old lake – this is the source of the Tristacher See and is surrounded by a Verlandungsmoor.

The shore area of ​​the Old Lake has a very rich vegetation with more than 70 species of flowering plants and two rare horsetail species (Equisetum). In the adjacent forest you will find a diverse woody flora; The richness of the plant species in this area is due to the change of rocks in the subsoil (shell limestone, slate, conglomerates and gneisses). “

The little paradisewith lake


Welcome at Parkhotel am Tristachersee

With pleasure we are at your disposal via phone, personally or via Email in case you have any questions (also during closing times). Please also check our Facebook and Instagram in order to be up to date.

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+43 4852 67 666

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