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A warm Welcome at small paradise

Das Parkhotel am

Living with the lake…

The little paradise, framed by mountains, forest and lake, invites you to relax, to enjoy, to be active, to be yourself.
“Arrive and be warmly welcomed check in and to on an exploration tour”. We look forward to welcoming you soon at Tristachersee.

Enjoy the little things that can be discovered around the lake. Walk the enchanted path through the romantic gardens, past the water mill, the fish ponds and mountain walls to the "old lake" or in the winter after an eventful day skiing - leave your tracks on the frozen Tristachersee - that is pure deceleration in the middle of a breathtaking natural landscape in East Tyrol. The "Hideaway" you were looking for.

Christl, Josef & Marie Theres Kreuzer – your hosts at Parkhotel Tristachersee

Familie Marie Theres, Christl und Josef Kreuzer

Ihre Gastgeber – Marie Theres & Wayne

Marie Theres und Josef Kreuzer

Chef Christian Hofer

We, the Kreuzer family and our Parkhotel team are the contact persons for your wonderful and relaxing days in East Tyrol and are happy to be there for you whenever you are craving for some days at the lake.

One discovers the beautiful Tristachersee and the terrace, which adjoins directly to the water, the affectionately invested and cultivated outside area of ​​the wellness area, which among many other thigs gives it´s nickname: "the small paradise".

Lush green grass or gentle snowy landscape as well as lots of ponds, which are connected by small boardwalks, characterize the appearance of this garden. The small, winding path is lined with old trees that bloom beautifully in the spring or glitter in the winter due to the hoarfrost. In the ponds, local fish - which finds their way to the kitchen in the evening and gets transformed into delicious food. Char, trout and Danube salmon. Here you can live with the water in all its various forms.

It ripples from its own sources such as the Maximilianquelle and the Odlquelle. Thus pure spring water from the "Rauchkofel mountain" is available in every room and throughout the hotel.

„Zeit die
wir uns nehmen,
ist Zeit die uns
etwas gibt.“

Marie Theres Kreuzer

The History

Now and then
The Tristachersee with its former buildings. Left: first restaurant at the Tristachersee, next to the small boat station; right on the rocks: Haus Köfele
First kitchen house (centre) at the lake; left: first bathing facility with boat station; right: Köfele on the rocks with a small garden by the lake; the crucifix “Wegkreuz” is still at the Tristachersee today.
The Tristachersee resort. From left to right: public toilets, old bath house (now used as a workshop), old restaurant, kitchen house, boat dock, Haus Köfele on the rocks.
Coloured image with Schleinitz summit in 1902.
Same buildings as in 1890, additionally a bigger bathing resort.
The lake expanded more to the western direction.
Building of the first public bath house in the eastern part of the lake Tristachersee by the Unterhuber family (the same place as it is today
Meanwhile, new buildings have been added: the villa at the top left in the forest (still exists), adjacent house (built in 1932), the main house with a porch and stairs to the Köfele (built in 1925), boat rental facility (left) with outdoor dining. In the background: the Schleinitz mountain.
The new hotel building from 1962 with lakeside terrace. The Köfele was eliminated in favour of parking space. Top left the villa from 1920 is visible, underneath is the adjacent house from 1932.
The former hotel resort at the time of the takeover by the Kreuzer family. From left to right: old restaurant, adjacent house, hotel with terrace from 1962.
The hotel after the first renovation by the Kreuzer family. On the left you can see the adjacent house and in the background the Schleinitz summit.
The former adjacent house was rebuilt with connection to the hotel. Top left the villa is visible in the forest, underneath is the old restaurant.
Total view of the resort in 1989. Reconstruction of the former middle house with an additional 25 guest beds.
A new building to the west with additional guest beds, indoor pool, sauna and spa facilities was added. The hotel accommodates 80 guest beds from now on.
The former main building was demolished in winter 2004/05 and rebuilt with 3 floors. This brought the hotel another step forward in the modern comfort hotel sector.
After further renovations and expansions the hotel took its present form. There are 110 modern guest beds now.
Since 2016 daughter Marie Theres is back on board.
In 2017, the Parkhotel celebratet its 30th anniversary
Wayne, der langjährige Partner von Marie Theres heuert auf der “MS Tristachersee” an und als gelernter Hotelkaufmann und nach vielen lehrreichen Jahren in der internationalen Hotellerie in Deutschland und Wien ist er nun auch in Osttirol “angekommen”.


Culinary and lodging
91 points Falstaff
Restaurant Guide
12.5 points Gault
72 points A la Carte
13 2015 Relax Guide
Spa Award 2023
1 Lilie
2016 Zertifikat
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The little paradisewith lake


Welcome at Parkhotel am Tristachersee

With pleasure we are at your disposal via phone, personally or via Email in case you have any questions (also during closing times). Please also check our Facebook and Instagram in order to be up to date.

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We look forward to see you!

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